The A Perspective Podcast: Andrew Skipper talks to Zeinab Badawi

In this episode, Andrew turns to Zeinab Badawi. Zeinab has worked extensively in the media for four decades. She is best known for her work at BBC World News TV and on BBC World Service Radio, on programmes such as Hard Talk and Global Questions. She recently produced and presented an acclaimed 20-part TV series on the history of Africa, reporting from over 30 countries across the continent.

Join them as they discuss her monumental series on African History with the BBC and the importance and relevance of challenging preconceptions and understanding the history and diversity of the continent and its diaspora in a modern context. They consider climate and natural resources as driving wealth, wealth, trade empires, and migration within as part of this history and what this means for Africa's future within the context of a ‘just transition’ from carbon. Zeinab also shares her view on the main barriers impeding education equity for women and girls in Africa, as well what she sees as the barriers to progress on the continent as a whole.

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