The A Perspective Podcast: Andrew Skipper talks to Jacko Maree

In this episode, Andrew turns to Jacko Maree. Jacko is non-executive the Deputy Chairman at Standard Bank Group and serves as Chairman of the Liberty Group. Having been CEO of Africa’s largest bank, Standard Bank, for 13 years, including building their pan African business across 20 countries and securing a 20% investment in the bank by Chinese investors; he is a renowned and experienced leader in South Africa. Crucially he is also currently supporting South Africa’s push for investment as one of President Ramaphosa’s investment envoys.

Listen as they discuss a wide range of topics at the centre of South African economic trajectory including the challenging targets set for delivering investment into the country, the roadblocks to delivering these targets and how COVID-19 has impacted the market. Jacko also shares his thoughts about the development of South Africa’s trade relationships, how well the nation is working together to deliver success and his six reasons to be cheerful about the country’s future.

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