Shortcast: Ivan's D.C. Update

Ivan Zapien, partner and practice leader of the Government Relations and Public Affairs practice, focuses his podcast on the issues, people, and culture that help shape Washington, D.C.

Ivan Zapien, partner and GRPA practice leader, chats with Mark Irion, head of Strategic Communications, about the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the challenges ahead. (5 August 2021)

Listen to the episode: "The new infrastructure bill: predictions and the future"

Ivan chats with Fernand Amandi, MSNBC contributor, about the current landscape of the 2020 presidential election, as well as the dynamics of the Latino national vote. (16 October 2020)

Listen to the episode: "Election 2020 landscape and the Latino national vote"

Ivan chats with Lillian Hardy, partner at Hogan Lovells, and Matthew Miller, partner at Vianovo, about how to manage a crisis in a crisis and communicating in the COVID-era. (3 September 2020)

Listen to the episode: "How COVID-19 has changed the way we manage crises and communication"

Ivan chats with Michael Bell, partner at Hogan Lovells and Chase Kroll, Director of Hogan Lovells Strategic Communication on how the 2020 Presidential elections changes the political landscape and how advocates have to find unique strategies to effectively drive momentum on their issue campaigns. (28 February 2020)

Listen to the episode: "How advocate voices can still be effective in an election year"

Ivan chats with Daniella Gibbs Léger, executive vice president, communications and strategy at the Center for American Progress and Hilary Tompkins, partner at Hogan Lovells on how political decision makers will have to consider the needs of the African American and Native American communities. (15 October 2019)

Listen to the episode: "Visible: The importance of African American and Native American voices in politics"


Ivan chats with Brenda Gianiny, president at Axis Research, Inc., and Madalene Mielke, CEO and President at Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS), on Republican women as well as the growing influence of the Asian Pacific community in politics. (3 September 2019)

Listen to the episode: "New Wave: The role of women in the Republican party and the growing clout of the American Asian Pacific Islander (AAPI) political world"


Ivan chats with Katherine Pereira, specialist at Hogan Lovells, and Albert Morales from Latino Decisions on the growing influence of Hispanic voters in American politics and offers insight on issues impacting this community. (25 July 2019)

Listen to the episode: "Influence: How Hispanics are transforming American politics" 

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