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Getting The Deal Through: Automotive 2021
Registered Content

For the fifth time, we have collaborated with Lexology to publish Getting the Deal Through: Automotive, our market overview of key issues in the automotive industry covering 19 countries....


Global employment law guide

The rules that govern employment relationships around the globe are complex and change frequently, reflecting a country’s current social and political priorities. Multi-national...


German Labour Law - An Overview
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German labour law is rarely black or white, and is typically nuanced and open to interpretation. This Client Note gives an overview of the most important aspects of German labour law: From...


Getting The Deal Through: Automotive 2020

The drive towards the future of mobility and COVID-19 have made the fourth publication of Getting the Deal Through - Automotive a special edition. It not only explores the particularities...


Works constitution in Germany - An Overview
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The concept of works council participation has a long tradition in Germany.Works councils have extensive information rights and numerous co-determination rights. Generally speaking, where ...


Redundancy under German Labour Law - An Overview
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German labour law is said to be complex – this is especially true when it comes to workforce reduction. This client note provides a general overview of the overall labour law...

Hogan Lovells Publications

COVID-19: Impact on the German labour market

The coronavirus is all over the news. New infections and quarantine cases are reported daily in Germany. Insecurity is also increasing in companies.

Published Works

Getting The Deal Through Automotive 2019 - Germany

A joint Hogan Lovells & GTDT publication on the law and regulation governing the automotive industry in Germany.


Brochure Matrix Structures 2019

We are happy to present our brochure on matrix structures. Today, most corporate groups have matrix arrangements where the operational organization and the legal structure are not fully...

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